Friday, May 29, 2009

How to Bing Yourself

So Microsoft has a new search engine. They call it "Bing".

Please, engage with me in this thought experiment.

What if it's a huge hit. What if people start using it as a generic term. In these, Google's glory days, people say, "I googled myself". What if they start saying "I binged myself'"?

That doesn't sound right, though. You don't say "I singed a song" or "I bringed my hat". So it doesn't sound natural to say "I binged myself."

Let's break this down based on analogy:

sing ---> sang
bing ---> bang
This is getting sticky: "I bang myself". Of course, with a name like "Microsoft" they are used to double entendre, but this still doesn't sound quite right.

fling ---> flung
bing ---> bung
"I bung myself". This sounds so morose, like you're putting yourself down.

bring ---> brought
bing ---> bought
That would be confusing, but fun. "I bought myself" would mean you did a search on yourself. Paradoxical and wonderful self-reference, if you ask me. I think we have a winner!